Life at Rosehall Farm


 We (Emily & Eliot & our dogs) live on 52 acres nestled in a beautiful 'holler' in the country in Sparta, TN  Our goal is to produce smart, old style, straight back,  trainable, sound, stable and loving companions.  We hope that the following pictures will give you a little taste of how  we live, work and play with these wonderful large German Shepherds. 


  The 'big yard' is mostly open and covered with thick grass and is securely fenced. This is the yard where the adult German Shepherds can run free in small groups for longer periods of time requiring less supervision. Big dogs must have a securely fenced yard big enough for them to be able to break into a run so they can frolic in their exercise times. (It's good for humans too.) 


 Emily and Elliot  take time daily with each dog to visit,  sometimes on the favorite stump in the 'big yard' which is an acre and a half safe and secure play place. These dogs our part of our family and prosper with the abundant attention given to them.  The one-on-one time is essential  as well as them having time as house dogs.  For Emily to make good breeding decisions she must REALLY know the dogs, as stable temperament is  a necessity in a family dog.


 There is a 2 1/2 acre 'lake' on our farm that is named 'Lake Alice' after Eliot's mother's mother, Alice Cruickshank. (Some of you would call it a pond . . . we are presumptuous enough to call it a lake.)    This area on the west side of Lake Alice is where most of our afternoon play time is done. We walk and play with them in small groups to keep everyone happy and well socialized. The dogs must have daily opportunities  to interact, bond, and play with their humans. These are truly family companion dogs! 


 The creek that carries the overflow from Lake Alice doesn't run year round but when it does, there are a couple of small waterfalls that are very pleasant places to pause and listen to the water. Most of the dogs really like wading around and  splashing in the falls. Just another of our several places that are good excuses to visit and pay attention to and play with our doggy friends. Many of our visits also incorporate 'school time' and we find these dogs very easy to train and willing to please. 


We hope that you have enjoyed this little 'taste' of Rosehall Farm. Contact us to make an appointment to visit if you want to experience more and meet our  Old style, straight back, German Shepherds.  Please make sure you read our FAQ page  This info will answer lots of your questions and probably raise a few more. It is very helpful to us if you can read this first. Then ask all the questions you may have! 


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We are with the dogs so much we are rarely able to answer the phone but check for text messages & email throughout the day. We live out in the country and our phones are not always reliable. If you have trouble getting through, try Emily's cell phone (text is best) 931-248-4141 Cell phone voice is rarely usable when we are on the farm so please use text or email.

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