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Levi X Rachael Litter Born Sept 24th, 2019

Ready for homes late November 2019. This is a repeat breeding

Rosehall JM Levi



Alpine Flight of Fantasy



Levi x Rachel fall 2019

This is a repeat breeding of Rachel & Levi. Previous litters have been very nice!

1st male reserved                Amber L.                     (9/6/19)     

2nd male available             Justin W. , FL                              

3rd male available     Kimberly H., VA     

4th male available

5th male available

6th male available                                       

1st female reserved           Roberta W.                  (7/29/19)    

2nd female reserved         Cheryl & Mike G          (9/17/19) 

3rd female available           Robert & Michelle Shepherd, ohio

4th female available

Levi x Beth litter. DOB 11/3/2019


Rosehall JM Levi


Rosehall's Joshua bar Falco X Rosehall Sampson's Maxine

Ardent Haus Tabetha of Rosehall "Beth"


Freedom of the seas x Ardent Haus' Daisy Duke, (Daisy)